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Aircraft Nose Dock for B747、B767、B777、B787、A330、A340、A350、 A380

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2 :宽体机坞 Wide-body Aircraft Maintenance Dock



Wide-body aircraft maintenance dock is used for large aircraft maintenance of B747、B767、B777、B787、A330、A340、A350、

A380 and so on , which meets the requirements of C/D Check and spray painting of contains nose dock, fuselage dock,

wing dock, and the tail dock.

2-1:机头坞 Nose  Dock

Nose Dock consist of the main platform ,windshield platform,radome platform and the second floor,which meets the C/D Check

and spray painting of aircraft requirements of windshield,radome,front passenger door.

2-1-1整体式机头坞 /Whole machine nose dock.

整体式机头坞 / 由主工作平台、风挡平台、雷达罩平台及机背梯组成,工作区域包含前舱门、雷达罩、风挡玻璃机机头顶部。

Whole machine head dock consists of main working platform, windshield platform, radome platform and back ladder. The working

area includes front door, radome and windshield head.

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