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Aircraft Suspended fuselage dock for B747、B767、B777、B787、A330、A340、A350、 A380

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2 :宽体机坞 Wide-body Aircraft Maintenance Dock



Wide-body aircraft maintenance dock is used for large aircraft maintenance of B747、B767、B777、B787、A330、A340、A350、

A380 and so on , which meets the requirements of C/D Check and spray painting of contains nose dock, fuselage dock,

wing dock, and the tail dock.

2-3: 机身坞 Fuselage Dock

Fuselage Dock consists of the main platform ,work area covered by main work platform based on different aircraft models ,which meets 

the C/D check and spray painting of aircraft requirements of front,rear fuselage section and the fuselage of upper wing.

2-3-2:悬挂式机身坞 Suspended fuselage dock.


Consisting of the main working platform, the suspension rail is used, and the working area includes the front and rear fuselage sections of 

the aircraft and the fuselage section above the large wing.

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