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Air Pressure Type Engine Clearing Cart

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Air Pressure type engine clearing Cart

1. Air source : nitrogen

2. Cleaning water tank: effective volume 300 liters (material: stainless steel)

3. The effective volume of the detergent tank is 60 liters (material: stainless steel)

4. The maximum working pressure of the water tank is 0.5MPa.

5. The maximum test pressure of the water tank: 1MPa

6. Safety valve opening pressure 0.5-0.7MPa

7. Clean water flow: 8-40L/MIN (factory flow setting is 20L/MIN)

8. Working temperature of outlet water 65℃-95℃ (factory temperature setting 75℃) (heating protection)

9. Power supply voltage 380V phase 3

10. Two groups of electric heater power 9KW

11. Requires uniform heating and automatic protection against dry burning

12. Equipped with 2 direct spray guns, CFM56, V2500/LP engine internal duct cleaning nozzles, the whole set of equipment is easy to drag

13. Equipped with domestic brands and stable quality. Easy to disassemble and maintain. All measuring instruments must be issued with a verification or calibration certificate issued by a legal metrological institution, including: flow meters, pressure gauges, thermometers, safety relief valves, etc.

14. Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 1 steering wheel with brakes. (The wheel specification is the national standard 4.00-8 solid tire)

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